Why Work with an Advisor

Why work with an advisor

Discover the key advantages of working with a financial advisor to make investments and achieve your financial goals.

The value of an advisor

Many of you ask: “What are the benefits of having a financial advisor to make your investments and what more can the advisor do for you. The role of an advisor is, first, to help you make the best choices based on your reality and your needs. The advisor is also there to help you wade through the sometimes murky financial waters and help you monitor this constantly evolving area.


We will present the five key advantages of having an advisor to help you understand his or her value.

It’s been proven, more assets!

Studies, universities, regulatory bodies and consumer protection groups have shown that when a person has a financial advisor, he or she will save up to four times more over a prolonged period. You will therefore have more money for your retirement projects and less debt. Why? An advisor enables you to invest in the right account, at the right time, using money to earn money thanks to tax refunds, grants, etc. The advisor will be your partner and will provide valuable advice.

A tailored financial plan!

An advisor will also help you create a viable, tailored plan that will help you achieve your objectives, whether for a house, a trip, a car, retirement or to start a business. The advisor will give you a plan that’s just for you and that will meet your needs, while respecting your objectives.

Avoid flavours of the month!

An advisor will help you avoid mistakes made on the flavour of the month. The media often influences people’s short-term investment decisions. There are no bad investments, nor are there bad TFSAs, RRSPs or insurance. You just need the right factual tool for your reality and your projects.

Better risk assessment

An advisor will also help you assess investment-related risks. He or she will teach you, in simple terms, what a risk is and what a risky investment is to determine your investor profile. It’s not a matter of placing blind trust in the advisor but rather, talking and moving ahead together.

Finally, time is money!

To invest, you can begin with one dollar. You then have to put in time, energy, discipline and be open to advice from experts (lawyer , advisor, planner, etc.). You must also create your plan and identify your objectives. The advisor will guide you over the years, in good times and in bad.

To summarize, it’s never too early or too late to invest and no amount is too small. All you have to do is work with the right people to save the money you need to achieve your objectives and carry out your projects, whatever they may be.

This post was originally posted on the Investia Financial Services Inc. blog, the original post can be found here.

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