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FCT Home Protection Plan

Meet Rebecca Rose. She purchased her home and an FCT Home Protection Plan Warranty in June 2019.  In December of that year, she returned from a vacation to find that her furnace had stopped working while she was away.  Her house was a brisk 7 degrees! After reviewing the  Home Protection Plan Warranty documents she immediately contacted FCT to make her claim.


Protection that offers peace of mind

Rebecca received a call the following day from a representative at FCT who advised her that, given the circumstances, her situation would be considered an emergency and that she should go ahead and get the necessary repairs done as soon as possible and then submit the invoice to FCT. She was able to complete the claim form in mere minutes and emailed it to FCT to get the process started.

Her furnace was fixed, her claim approved and she received a cheque from FCT all in just over a week.  The claim process was straightforward and merely required her signature on an emailed form.

As Rebecca Rose says, “The process could not have been simpler. I can’t believe how quick and easy this all was, and I’m thrilled to have this major expense covered, particularly at this time of year!”

Manage your risks

FCT’s Home Protection Plan is a result of recognizing a gap in the way homeowners—especially first-time buyers—manage their risk.  It is an impressive, cost-effective home warranty designed to give homebuyers like Rebecca Rose, peace of mind.

So when your roof springs a leak, your furnace quits working, your air conditioner shuts down or your foundation cracks, with the FCT Home Protection Plan, you are protected for 18 months with up to $20,000 in warranty coverage for the repair or replacement of those items. It also allows you to choose the contractor of your choice and eliminates any stressful waiting period.

To find out more about the FCT Home Protection Plan and how it can help you, please contact me at missy@mortgagesbymissy.ca or 905.447.3387 and I can have a member of FCT reach out to you!

This blog was originally posted on the FCT blog, find the original post here.

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