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About Finance Hero

There’s a reason why our business is called ‘Finance Hero’. Simply put, we believe that most people could benefit from having a hero in their lives, especially when it comes to your finances. No, we don’t wear capes and spandex while performing our duties. Instead, we deal with the dreaded bureaucracy (on your behalf) that banks, lenders, and insurance providers have in place that confuse and frustrate most people. 

Finance Hero has a mighty team of advisors and senior brokers that we work with on a daily basis. They help to guide, educate, and assist us along the way!

About Missy
Missy Gurley - Financial Advisor

Missy Gurley

Financial Advisor

Hi There! I’m Missy, technically my name is Melissa, BUT my friends and family call me Missy. I believe that finances are personal, therefore we are going to become friends, so you can call me Missy.

When you think of someone in the finance industry, surely, I’m not exactly what you pictured in your mind. With finances typically being a male-dominated industry, I’m quite self-aware that I stand out and I’m more than okay with that.

The first decade of my career was spent in hospitality where I operated my own wedding planning and floral company. Additionally, I spent time at a number of different hotels and venues across Canada. These experiences taught me the importance of customer service, how to effectively work with 3rd party companies, and the art of multitasking.

Ironically, I’ve always been a very tech-savvy numbers person that loves processes. I can honestly say that I haven’t met too many others that enjoy filling out paperwork as much as I do and the finance industry comes with A LOT of paperwork!  

Overall, I’m a people person that is extremely well suited for the finance industry and can’t wait to start working with you!

About Ariel

Hey there, it’s Ariel! The friendly admin assistant you can always count on!

I may not be a master of one, but being a jack of all trades is what keeps life exciting! After finishing my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Business Studies, I decided to continue my education in Interactive Media Management and Project Management.

Excel, Kanban Boards, and Google Calendar is my guilty pleasure, and tools of choice. You could say that I’m a documentation expert now! I’m a proactive team player with a can-do attitude, and I believe in balancing hard work with having a good time.

When I’m not busy keeping schedules in check, you can find me cruising around on my trusty bike or sending TikToks to my friends and family.

In summary, I’m an easy-going person who loves to learn and enjoys a little bit of everything. So don’t hesitate to say hello, I’m always happy to chat!

Ariel Golez - Administrative Assistant

Ariel Golez

Admin Assistant